A Significant Upgrade at an Affordable Price.

Linn no longer supports the Valhalla power supply and dealers are unable to repair them. Replacement options are the Radikal at $4,200.00, the Lingo at $1,800.00, or the Naim Armageddon at $1,800.00. Of all of these, we prefer the Armageddon: it is true to the LP12 philosophy, a simple device born of sophisticated thinking. That is why we decided to create a power supply on par with the Armageddon, only at a third of the price.

The Valhalla works by rectifying the AC mains voltage into DC voltage. Then, using a quartz oscillator and a clock circuit, it synthesises a new 50Hz AC wave. The LP12 motor is AC synchronous, which means that its RPM is set by the frequency of the AC, not the voltage. When an AC-synchronous motor is driven by a synthesised wave, torque production will no longer be constant and there will be torque ripple. Our power supply delivers a pure sine wave to the motor with no torque ripple for the smoothest running possible, without a trace of mechanical jitter.

Like the Armageddon, the heart of our power supply is a massive 430VA isolation transformer which provides serious low-impedance supply voltage. The primary coil is isolated from the secondary coil with a grounded copper shield, known as a Faraday Shield. The secondary coil provides a clean sine wave, free of all the noise in your main power.

For the motor to run, one of its phases must be shifted 90°. Our phase shift network is made of Roederstein capacitors. These are very precise capacitors that we match in pairs to assure a perfect 90° shift in the motor for smooth running.

Installation is simple: Just disconnect the color-coded motor wires from the Valhalla, pull out the switch ribbon, and remove the Valhalla and its power cord. Install the new circuit board on the stand-offs vacated by the Valhalla, connect the color-coded motor wires and the switch ribbon. The umbilical cord runs through the notch vacated by the power cord and into the back of the power supply. The umbilical cord is over 4 feet long, so you can put it anywhere in your equipment setup and use the switch on your LP12 as you always have.

Our power supply is a significant upgrade from the Valhalla. We believe this so completely that we offer the same 30-day audition period as for our sub-chassis. If you are not pleased for any reason, return it for a full refund.


Our 430VA transformer
will provide your LP-12
with the smoothest
power possible. Your
motor will run quieter without vibration.
As you know,
vibration is the enemy
of all turntables.