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Take a look at what our customers are saying about the new power supply:

I purchased a GreenStreet Audio sub-chassis 4 years ago and I worked so well I had to try the new power supply. It is as amazing an improvement as was the sub-chassis. GreenStreet Audio makes an excellent line of products that enhance the LP12, I can enthusiastically recommend both the sub-chassis and the power supply to anyone looking to get more from their turntable.
Tim Wasterin, London England

"I always wanted to have an Armageddon, but the price was out of my budget. GreenStreet Audio's power supply works beautifully, I could not be more pleased. It installed in 15 minutes and the impact was immediate. The solidification of the bottom end was the first thing I noticed, with a marked improvement in clarity in the midrange. My LP12 has never sounded better, thank you"
John Howard, New York City

"I just replaced my tired Valhalla with the new GreenStreet power supply. All I can say is wow, it is very heavy and has the solid feel of quality. What it does for the sound is remarkable. It makes the Valhalla sound like a wimp by comparison. A while back I was considering the Naim Armageddon but didn't like that the switch on the LP12 was disconnected. The Greenstreet power supply turns on and off using the LP12's switch, a feature I like quite a bit. I can heartily recommend it to anyone looking for a great upgrade. "
Thomas Heller, Leeds UK

And about the sub-chassis:

On unpacking I had my doubts that there would be any major sonic differences to my existing Cirkus sub-chassis but from the minute the stylus touched the first record I was elated with the improvement.
The customer reviews that you have on your website accurately describe the improvements that I hear too, ie wider, deeper, larger sound stage with more natural timbre, greater clarity and separation of voices and instruments, and the revelation of fine details in the musical performance that had gone unnoticed previously. I've always felt that my Linn was coloured but this new chassis has removed a layer of distortion that I hadn't recognised was there and improved the speed and pace.
I've always had adequate bass but it is now tight and fast, with no overhang and it keeps time.
Funny, but it still sounds like a Linn - just a more modern one that still plays music.......
I've had the privilege of looking after some very expensive German turntables in my home so I know what to listen for and I was considering selling my Linn - but not anymore.
It is very hard to believe that changing the sub-chassis could lift the performance of a 22 year old turntable in this way.
I have no hesitation in recommending your subchassis as a cost effective and bargain upgrade to the Linn LP12
Linn LP12/Naim Armageddon/Ekos/Lyra Helikon
Triode Corp Valve Phono Stage
TriodeCorp 845 Valve Integrated
Martin Logan Vantage Speakers
David B. New Zealand

"Let's begin with the physical appearance of the GreenStreet sub-chassis. It is extremely well machined and finished. The photos on Greenstreet Audio's web site do not do it justice. The finish on the arm board is very nice as advertised but what is more impressive is the precise machining. The webs and holes for the tonearm and springs are extremely well done and finished. In fact, the machining was so precise that when I remounted my tonearm and checked alignment with my protractor, it was spot on. In other words, the effective length of the tonearm mounted on the GreenStreet sub-chassis was indistinguishable from the original Linn configuration. Fit and finish is excellent.
As to installation, the necessity of Linn set up by so called experts is overrated in my opinion. I would call it hogwash in fact. In Michigan, where I live, the Linn dealer is an hour away. They set up the table without listening to it in your system and then you drive an hour home bumping all the way. I have found that no one can set up my table better than me and it is easy to do properly. All it takes is a little common sense, some tips and some trial and error until you get like me where setting up the suspension on a LP 12 takes about 15 minutes. I can take my LP 12 completely apart down to the plinth and tighten everything in reassembly and set the suspension in about two hours. In two hours I installed the GreenStreet sub-chassis and set the suspension, cartridge alignment and VTA.
Once the GreenStreet sub-chassis was installed, I warmed my amps up and sat down to listen. Let me preface this by saying I have a 1986 vintage LP 12 with an Ittok and Clearaudio Maestro . I have had every upgrade installed until the Keel. I had the Cirkus, Lingo, new spring upgrades, Trampoline, etc., installed and each one made a significant improvement in performance. Ok, the Trampoline was not that much of an improvement but it was still an improvement. What I am going to now say is not a comparison to the Keel because I do not own one and cannot compare the GreenStreet sub-chassis to the Keel. I can only compare the GreenStreet sub-chassis to what I had before. I am not dissing Linn or the Keel. So with that disclaimer, let me say that the GreenStreet sub-chassis is the single largest improvement to the performance of my LP 12 I have experienced.
First, what is immediately noticeable once the needle hits the record is the reduction in surface noise and the blackness of silent passages. If you have a good record cleaner, like a VPI, you know how much record noise is eliminated by properly cleaning your records. The GreenStreet sub-chassis was like cleaning your records by a factor of 2 or more with the resulting improvement in micro and macro dynamics. Instruments are more clearly defined against this background and easier to follow. Music is less congested and player technique is more evident. Sense of space and the body of the instruments is palpable. Bass is both deeper and less pronounced, that is mid bass is less emphasized. What I mean is that bass sounds about an octave lower with much and I mean much better definition and weight. Highs are more realistic and more involved tonally. They sound like real cymbals. Percussion is so much more lifelike compared to what I had before. I have heard more instruments in the mix, player technique and can now follow every instrument in a recording like I can in a real life performance and I am talking about some records I have owned since I was 18 (and I am 54 now). What was indistinct before is now discernible as separate instruments combining as one but each instrument distinctly present. In other words, the music is produced much more realistically in pitch, tone, body and presence.
Yet despite the improved definition, resolution and clarity, it does not come at the expense of pace, tunefulness or warmth. The improvement does not make the table analytical or the music sterile. All the best qualities of the LP 12 are preserved while the music is simply more lifelike. I find myself playing it at a louder level than before both of which I attribute to a reduction is distortion. It is simply the best of all worlds.
I have now listened to two weeks of music, every night, and have fallen in love with reproduced music again. My youngest son is a guitar performance scholarship student at Berklee College of Music in Boston and I have enjoyed live virtuosic rock, jazz and Flamenco guitar for the last 9 years and have been spoiled. I can say that for less than $900, shipping included, the GreenStreet sub-chassis and 2-3 hours of one?s time will bring you much closer to real music. I strongly recommend the GreenStreet sub-chassis.
My associated gear is:
Linn LP 12 with Ittok, Clearaudio Maestro, Nova Phenomenon phono stage, Lingo
Audible Illusions Modulus 3A
Modified Shanling MP 80 tube mono blocks
Von Schweikert VR 4 JR?s Mark II
Shunyata interconnects, NBS speaker cables
Kurt Meyer, Michigan

"Iam delighted with the quality of the cnc machining of the GreenStreet Audio sub-chassis, giving an outstanding finish quite on par with the Linn Keel, which I have seen. I have now installed it in my lp12 (pre circus). The instalation took 2 hours including the re-tune. Apart from obvious improvement in appearance of my deck, the main benefit is better low frequency definition, an increase in overall clarity and speed, as well as a peculiar calmness of the sound. I am absolutely delighted with the result and consider it a bargain."
Dr. Peter Rauchenberg Coventry, UK

"I have installed the Greenstreet subchassis into my 1986 lp12, pre cirkus with Ittok . I also had greenstreet rebuild the Valhalla. I am more than pleased with the results. Bass it noticeably extended and detailed, mids are firm and fleshy, highs are sweet and smooth. Details, sound stage ,imaging all improved . It has been over a month now and I like it better each time I listen to vinyl, everyday. Highly recommended."
Bill Zumwalt, Texas (
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"After nearly a month of with the LP 12 upgrade, this a quick note to tell you that I am very satisfied. I heard the improvement in sound immediately (and so did my wife!). And I was also impressed with the quality of the machining and workmanship. So thanks again for the sale."
Martin Laming. Washington DC

Yesterday i installed the KEEL klone with new springs and after 4 hours work and many adjustments everything fallen in place! What a sound! More soundstage and detail, better bass and more mid and cristal (even Mark Knopfler with Brother in arms was to understand).... I play with a lingo 2, Linto, Arkiv B, Ittok with a Musical Fidelity KW 500 and KEF reference 205/2. Thank you"
Richard van de Meer. The Netherlands

"The sub-chassis arrived Thursday and I got it up and running that night! The level it's gone to is unreal and well worth the money. Thank you for your product and your help, which now has involved me again with music. I cannot recommend the sub-chassis enough, it's a must for any one who wants a massive improvement. Thanks once again."
Terrence Dickenson. Australia

"My system consists of :
Analog source : Linn Sondek LP-12 1987 with Cirkus, Lingo, Trampolin 2, sit on Target TT 1;
Rega RB-300 with Cardas DIN and Cardas Golden Reference Phono, Kerry Titanium counterweight;Clearaudio Maestro.
Preamplification: Audio Research SP-9, modified thanks to Jeff from Sonic craft with Sonicap Platinum for phono and audio section, Sonicap Platinum and Dynamicap elsewhere including power supply section.
Amplification: Audio Research VS-115, sit on a 4 layers of Russian birch and EARS foot
Loudspeakers: Sonus Faber Domus Grand Piano
Accessories: CD Player Cambridge 740C
I give this description to state that my system is complete and any improvement would translate by many thousands of dollars. At this stage, 875,00 $ looks like a bargain. After installation and use for two weeks, I can easily says that it is a real bargain.
Product: Flawless. Very good finish, machining and anodising. The item was carefully wrapped. A+
Installation: It is not that easy and it will be best performed by a qualified technician, but then again it is worthy. Take opportunity to have your suspension bushing changed. You will have to recalibrate suspension and re align the cartridge but then again it is worthy. A
Sound: First of all, you will notice something less. Nothing more but something very special is missing. The boost in the upper bass is gone. That alone is worthy of the 875,00 $ ticket. With that boost gone, you will enjoy more dynamic. Staging is more accurate and the most little details are there, palpable. The whole experience is better and more enjoyable by a true sense of music. This upgrade is a must and prove without a doubt the undeniable superiority of vinyl. A+
Service: Good communication, dedicated, honest. A+"
Jean Francois La Forge Québec Canada

"I installed the Naim Aro subchassis and the improvements are obvious, - even in my 'lowly' mid level Naim system. The two words that best describe the changes are detail and texture. The LP12's boogie factor is even more enjoyable than before, low bass is much tighter (and goes further down) and the top end is far cleaner. There are no negatives that I can perceive. Thank you for a great value for money product!"
Mark Dunn Texas

"I've just had Greenstreet Audio's subchassis fitted to my pre-Cirkus LP12 (Lingo, Prefix, Ittok LVIII v2, Ortofon Jubilee). So how does it sound? There's more detail and separation in the music, bass is much better defined (somehow more 3-d, but not heavier or more pronounced than before), and everything is more dynamic. Trumpet and piano sound particularly good. I'm very happy with it and would certainly recommend it to all curious LP12 aficionados. Greenstreet Audio was excellent to deal with and the postage was both inexpensive and quick."
Dr. Jens Berger Perth Australia

"Wow, what a diference! The mid bass bloom that was always there is now gone. Everything is more detailed and the soundstage expanded. I was nervous about installing it myself, but David helped me with a few tips and it was a fairly simple process. I now feel more confident to take on setting up my turntable so it sounds right to my ears, not a technician's. I can heartily recommend the sub-chassis to anyone thinking of upgrading."
Bill Certs New York City

"Finally my LP-12 has a proper foundation. I wanted a Keel for the longest time but couldn't make myself write the check. I'm glad I waited. The good folks at GreenStreet Audio were a pleasure to deal with. They answered my many questions with honesty, and actually told me not to expect a night and day difference. Well I disagree. My LP-12 is like a rose in my garden that after many years has finally bloomed. The base is so well grounded I can hardly believe it, vocals seem to float, and cymbals twinkle. I just can't believe the Keel could be any better than this. Bravo GreenStreet Audio and thank you."
Walden Scott London England