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The following is a copy of an email sent by Johnson Wu of California to his audiophile club members:

"I want to share with you and the Aria Club members of a recent surprising discovery, a restoration of the Counterpoint SA-100.

It has all the right ideas:
Exicon MOSFETs, hexfred diodes, better bypass caps, biasing circuit on the output board, Nichicon Gold tune... etc. etc.

Once I turned it on I was very impressed by its sound. It's has exactly the old classic counterpoint sound but with newfound stability and clarity.
No MOSFET mist, no dark sounding blurriness and best of all the image and body of the instruments have more clarity than my NP!
With the NP (even with my darker and warmer tuned driver stage with 196 Ohm naked Vishays) the texture of strings are always slightly thinner and leaner, but not so with this SA-100. This thing is extremely musical and conveys the texture and timbre of instruments right.

I think it has to do with the preservation of that 2-stage single-ended gain stage (unlike the balanced diff amp of the 6SN7 in the NP) and the use of 6922 diff amp driver instead of transistors. The MOSFETs inherently sound tubier than bipolar transistors but are often criticized to have MOSFET mist and fine grain (like the Moscode 600 hotrod I got, I hated it). This restored SA-100, with the updated power supply caps and coupling caps going into the output stage, has no mist at all, much like my re-capped SA-220.

This SA100 is definitely more musical than my NP when driving my Utopia Divas, a friend's BC Acoustique, and my Eidolons. I can highly recommend GreenStreet Audio's mod for those in the Aria Club who want to repair their SAs but want to preserve that old Counterpoint sonic signature not found in the NPs. Seriously, it's that good."

Happy listening.