Our Complete Restoration service will restore your amplifier to new condition by replacing almost all of of its components.

We install both the MOSFET output restoration boards and the power supply restoration board. All of the resistors in the signal path are replaced with PRPs and the coupling capacitor is changed from a 20 year old Wonder Cap to a far better sounding Auri-Cap. Next, we perform one of the most critical steps: The big blue Sprague power supply filter caps next to the transformerwe are replaced with the very best, Nichicon KG series capacitors. These are very expensive and worth every penny. Finally, we install ceramic tube sockets with gold plated contacts and rewire everything with high purity copper 12ga wire.

With the exception of the LED circuit, a handful of resistors, and the transformer, all of which should last indefinitely if not abused, the final product is now a new, much improved amplifier.

We don't replace the power cord, the speaker binding posts, or the RCA input jacks. We leave the choice up to you to install your favorites when you receive the amp or you can send them with your amplifier and we will install them.

$1425.00 Fully Restored
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